Benefits of Having a Website!

Have you been thinking about a web site for your business, organization, or professional services? Think no longer - you need a web site! It's true - an internet presence is no longer a luxury.

Every day, more people are turning to the web for information about merchants, craftspeople, creative artists, service providers and professionals who can deliver what they want. Let us design your web presence. Whether you need one page that highlights your services and contact information or a fully-navigable, linked and illustrated site, The PM MoneyWeb Center can create it, tailored to your specifications, for a reasonable price.

We specialize in building and marketing sites for small and medium businesses. Our signature on a site means we have done our best to make that site professional, attractive, and content-rich. We believe that every person, business, and charitable organization has something unique and worthwhile to offer the Web Community, and would like to use our marketing and web site design skills to help you reach your target in that broad audience or market.


According to Computer Industry Almanac, by year-end 2005 there were more than 600 billion Internet users worldwide.

The number of people with Internet access worldwide is projected to grow to 800 million by the year 2008!

According to International Data Corp. e-Commerce Forum, $12 billion worth of business was transacted on the Internet in 2005, and that figure will grow to $333 billion by 2010! More people online obviously means more money is being exchanged.

Having a web site is much more affordable and economical then advertising in the yellow pages. The average cost of a four page web site includes two graphics or photos on each page, text about your business, and an e-mail address. You can have color, interactivity, images, and sound. Your business is open 24 a day, 7 days a week, and can reach an estimated 600 million people today.

Creating a successful e-business means tapping into a lot of varied talents, and that means finding them, coordinating them, inspiring them, and guiding them through to completion. You could go do this on your own, but why? We know you have enough to do.

That's why we provide a full line of e-business services to complement our design boutique, by leveraging our relationships with strategy and technology partners. We rally the talent, the knowledge, and the experience to turn your e-business vision into a successful reality. Whether we provide the appetizer, the main course, or cater the entire web affair, we can help make sure you get nothing but rave reviews.

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