Questions for the Webmaster  

 Why should my business have a Web Site?

A Web Site is another form of advertising that will show that your business is entering the "21st century". Add a web site to your other forms of advertising.

As with any marketing tool, the power of the medium must be "tapped". The Internet is a "two-way conversation" with potential customers. Other mediums like television and print can only display your message. There is no interaction. Any potential customer using the Internet and visiting your Home Page can give you immediate feedback about your products or services by E-Mail.

Your web site can provide a constant stream of information about your business or service and can be changed or added to at any time. Unlike other forms of advertising, there is no waste with outdated materials and no expensive printings and mailings. You dictate the pace of the development of the Web Page. If there is a catalog or merchandise type site in mind, your Web Page can show each individual product with links and photographs and descriptions with forms to buy them. Your business, big or small, will look like one of the "Big Boys".

Once you have your own web site set up, you will need to use other forms of marketing such as printed materials, press releases, E-mail, business cards, etc... to advertise your web site and e-mail address so clients and customers will know where to find your Home Page.

I own a small business, What will the Internet do for me?

Over the past year there has been an explosion to get onto the Internet. From individuals to Fortune 500 companies, nearly everyone has a "www. . . ." address. With millions of users of the Internet and thousands being added every month, the numbers alone should be enough to get you excited about the potential of the Internet. Just look at the stock market and what the Internet stocks are doing!

Even small businesses can get onto the web and expand their business. There is still a local market for your business. Your local customers, most likely, are "surfing" the internet at sometime during the day. Why not show them your business? If your business is marketed in the correct fashion, via a joint effort between The Websters and yourself, there will be nothing but profit that will become of your newly constructed web site by The PM MoneyWeb Center Your business will realize it's full potential.

I understand the Internet is the future. I am a novice when it comes to the Internet. How do I start?

Nothing to worry about. We pride ourselves on our ability to lead you every step of the way toward the creation and completion of an Internet web site.

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